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GUIDANCE…is the spice of life!

22-year old Jamaican reggae singer/songwriter Romain Virgo, on his sophomore release titled The System, selects his first single n’ video “I Know Better”, which sends a message amongst peers to choose ‘patience’ OVER ‘pride’ - for the sake of your life or another’s. Even though the video, shot in Jamaica n’ directed by Dameon Gayle, depicts that stereotypical outdoor, tenement yard, nighttime dancehall sound system scene of fat female waistlines bubbling n’ hard-knock life roughneck youths frontin’ (don’t forget the weed smoke!), the overlying message is a great one. Amidst the chaos of a potential deadly clash occurring w/Romain tempted to be in the thick of the drama, he decides to NOT get involved ‘til the near-fatal ending, instead saving a life n’ singjaying: “Mi could have gun pon waist, bwoy dis me I kick up him face/Mi coulda run di place, done di place, no bwoy couldn’t violate/Mi coulda ha crazy machine, mi coulda lock down di scheme, but mi choose fi keep it cleeeeeeeaaaaaaan…cause I KNOW BETTER!" Yea, he sings his heart out too, so peep it already nah man, cha…