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The Black Seeds

—Love Me Now

MUSIC…is the spice of life!


powder: Dust And Dirt

color: lounge/reggae

trade: Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, The Black Seeds on their fifth studio LP Dust And Dirt, not only uproot the vines of reggae throughout most of their songs on this release, but in their opener “Out Of Light”, they’ll gently dip your toes into the Indian Ocean’s soothing, downtempo washes of waves ‘shore’ to convince you that they’re not just a reggae-outfit band. Very capable of keeping their music tropically fuzed w/other undefined genre techniques such as on their first single “Pippy Pip”, n’ the lounge-like boutique hotel lobby swank of “Don’t Turn Around”, by listening to this LP you feel like you’re already on vacation! And when it comes down to the rub-a-dub n’ reggae fever, they’ve got a bag heap of tunes to keep you skanking n’ ranking them as one of the most delightful bands to delve in reggae. Take for instance their title track, one that just makes your anxiousness subside w/out the extra help of the herb, or the remarkable Lovers Rock “Love Me Now” cut I’ve uploaded for your immediate listening pleasure. Just one spin n’ you’ll think you’re crossing the pathways between recording sessions of Curtis Mayfield in Studio A, n’ Sugar Minott in Studio B, all set back in the 1970s. Oh what a… ah bwoy, ting nice fi days! Speaking of nice, you’re just destined into irie n’ ital vibes w/other gems such as “Gabriel’s Strut Dub” n’ “Settle Down”, two more jams adding to The Black Seeds' continuation of pure Kiwi niceness…


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