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Now, don’t get me wrong, this ‘One Drop’ riddim on the “Kingston Town (Remix)” produced by Shane Brown, tho groovy, is seriously depicting the dark side of Kingston, JA as deejay Busy Signal n’ Jr. Gong pontificate on what tourists visiting their island don’t ever wanna encounter! But to be honest - this video, directed by Dameon Gayle doesn’t do justice to how scary, violent n’ chaotic tings run back ah yard? Half the time, the scene is in a recording studio, smoking lots of weed of course, as this seems like more a hurried-down depiction of faking street vibes in Kingston. And who knows, based on the entire scenery being shot in the dark, there isn’t any proof of these scenes actually being in Kingston, but I’ll take them on their word. Maybe it was indeed too risky trying to shoot the video where the real ‘action’ was, so I don’t blame them if that’s the case haa haa! However, not that I’d be anyone begging for more guns, more bloodshed or more violence - but when the song’s title is “Kingston Town” n’ lyrics boast about, "caw nuff ah dem yute nowadays will forever be runnin’ from di law/Kingston eh nah no play ting, no keyboard or guitar/Man will box di food outta ya mout before ya could draw, then tun ‘round n’ buss a shot in ya jaw…" - this video (n’ yes I’ll continue the rhyming) is poor. Speaking of fake, makes one look forward to seeing how Snoop Lion (yes Snoop Dogg) will depict his newfound Rastafarianism through his latest project n’ single, “La La La" produced by Diplo/Major Lazer crew from his upcoming Reincarnation LP.