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CALYPSO ROSE…is the spice of life! 

While some countries or sportsmen celebrate 50 year anniversaries of independence or illustrious sports careers respectively, living legends such as Trinidad & Tobago’s Calypso Rose celebrates her 55-year career through this CD/DVD release appropriately titled, The Queen of Trinidad: Calypso Rose! She’s not only a diva U may not have heard of, mainly because of calypso’s under-shadowing by Caribbean music’s bigger export, reggae. But interestingly enough, since being raped early in her life, she’s never slept w/a man ever again But don’t feel sorry for her, she’s found defiance, culture, dreams n’ lots of humor via her incredible depth, world travels n’ undeniable wit through her song compositions. On this CD specifically titled ‘Back To Africa’, while the DVD’s called ‘The Lioness of the Jungle’, U can find some of this diva’s marvelous story. Sit back, definitely sip some rum n’ travel w/her from Paris to NYC, Trinidad to Tobago (her birthplace), n’ of course back to Africa…