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D…is the spice of life! 

To be honest, this video could be a blank screen n’ I’d be vibin’ to this “Shame" track, which must be the illest sample I’ve heard in 2012 thus far. But the video is stretched into delightful ‘extra’ soundscapes for over 5 minutes, while the actual cut is just over 3 minutes. So if you’re feeling this, I guess the video is the way to go. It’s from the EP of the same title n’ it’s HOT. Directed by Jonah Schwartz n’ presented by Madlib Invazion & DD127 Films, Madlib joins forces w/Freddie Gibbs (who’s starring in the vid) feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, singing his cap off. The result is a slow-motion peep into the life of a ‘thrug’ dealer living out irresponsibility in the calmest, most casual way w/out even stepping out of his apt. Jugglin’ gals galore on a daily basis, his fiends are craving a 4-letter word that begins w/the letter ‘D’. Oh, did I mention homeboy has a girl too? She unexpectedly returns to the crib, n’ by the looks of things, she’s not at all a happy camper by Freddie’s actions. But that’ll be our worry, ‘cause Freddie’s not in the least perturbed looking like a thuggish Don Cheadle. Speaking of, parts remind me of Traffic (from a reverse perspective). So it’s onto the next deal, best believe.


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