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WTF?…is the spice of life!I’m really confused. Watching this SoMe directed music video of Major Lazer’s “Get Free” featuring Amber of Dirty Projectors, shot in Jamaica of course, needs a few comments outside of the usual infatuation by many of those typical fans out there, who’d see this n’ w/out thought, just deem it as ‘COOL’. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t need a video for me to increase my absolute LOVE of this song. I can’t say how many times I’ve listened, bumped, spun or put this on repeat since downloading it months aback. It’s a brilliant, modern rub-a-dub melting pot of sucrose vibes I’d never hate on once it hits the naked ear. But this video, especially coming from Diplo, who seems to be worshipped for tirelessly praising ‘other’ cultures, while stealing it for himself under his range of artist umbrellas, kinda gets on my nerves. It’s almost as if none of these dances, none of these gritty, ghetto culture scenes existed or were ever destined to get noticed in this positive light n’ w/whip appeal, unless Diplo stamps his approval. I don’t know if I’m bitter towards certain types of fans who wouldn’t for the life of day, take a chance on something that’s been out there forever before Diplo touches it, or if I’m bitter towards someone like him gaining fame for surely using n’ abusing it, much to his advantage. How could anyone be respected so much that, any cameo coming from these YARD dancer youths who define this culture, have such a lesser role? Beenie Man (who seems happier as ever in here, rather than to command the American airwaves in this same market that Diplo has on lock), is another cameo subject, who in arab gear, provides n’ adds to the range of island lifestyle visuals amongst a variety of typical Jamaican scenes. Diplo, an excellent biter n’ cloner, knows how this all works though, gotta give ‘em that. He’s hardly even featured in the video. But I know I ain’t alone on this one, although lately it seems like no one even bothers to call to attention, this sorta ‘culture-vulture’ scenario out. It’s almost like some sorta acceptable exploitation code of approval will always be the norm…


  1. brooklife said: yeah man. I totally agree with the vulturing your speaking on. Its like WTF??? for real.
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