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After carefully listening to the subtle, as well as BLATANT rhetoric from many speakers, including the Romney/Ryan duo running for President n’ VP in Tampa, FL @ the Republican Racist National Convention (as part of the RNC), I have to say, thinking of life in LA or NY, that crowd really seems backward n’ wanting to seriously return to a time (more like the 1960’s) when maybe life really was different - probably a great time for ‘them’ as opposed to a lot more balance for EVERYONE throughout this society. Of course I wasn’t born yet, but this year it’ll be my first chance to vote. Obama hasn’t been such a huge disappointment as the ‘right’ is making it out to be w/their constant unravelling of lies. But let’s face it, WE sure could do better. It’s not all up to him, it’s up to him w/the help of Congress, n’ we all know how well the Republican wing of the Senate, Congress n’ the Washington lot loves to compromise in making things happen w/Obama, right? Exactly. So, is anyone paying attention to their alternative plan? Oh right, there isn’t one. Just bashing Obama, saying what their crowd n’ the thoughtless like to hear - hot air of fear! Not to mention, an extreme ‘right wing’ direction, if any plan is mentioned. Not even Ronald Reagan, their hero n’ man that can do no wrong, would stand a chance of wining the Republican nominee for President today under these circumstances! Btw, why is it that no one mentions Reagan’s own son, Ron Reagan, Jr., who is very proud of his dad n’ his legacy, is a regular on MSNBC, decrying almost ALL of the stupid ‘new’ values that this Republican party stands for…anyway, I could ramble On n’ On like Shyheim or Erykah Badu, to the break o’dawn but… And Clint Eastwood? Don’t get me started on that nitwit. He’s gonna fall into a newfound phrase of a rapper’s lyric, kinda like when Chuck D of P.E. once rapped, “Elvis was a hero to most…" C’mon, U know the rest. Enough, just VOTE!